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YouTube will hide video dislike counts from the general public


The platform’s dislike counter will be removed.

The dislike bar on your most disliked YouTube videos will soon disappear, but the dislike button will remain. In a blog post published on Wednesday, YouTube explained why the dislike meter would be removed from all of its videos.

While the hate counter, which counts how many times people have disliked a YouTube video, has various advantages. YouTube researchers observed that many users blast a single video in a review-bombing-like strategy.

In 2016, Call of Duty fans used this exact strategy to propel the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer to the top of the “most disliked video” list, but it was quickly dethroned. This lowers the value of the video, not because of its content, but because people dislike the author or some other illogical reason.

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video dislike counts

To avoid widespread dislike and let all raisers succeed, the dislike counter will henceforth be private. Whether large corporate machines like Activision or individual channels. YouTube experimented with removing the dislike counter earlier this year, and the sign it uncovered led to the decision to remove the counter from all videos.

Although users won’t judge the quality of a video as quickly, YouTube appears to be more concerned with the mental distress and discouragement that mass dislikes can cause. Users will be able to dislike videos to curate their YouTube recommendations, and content creators will be capable of seeing how many dislikes their videos have received for research purposes.

The tool is designed to assist creators in reaching new audiences by allowing them to target those who would be employed in their material but have yet to find it. This modification has already begun to roll out, and it will gradually take over the entire site.

source: polygon

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