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Friday, September 29, 2023

Non-Pixels are now able to use Google Photos’ Locked Folder

Google Photos

Key Takeaways:

  • The feature is now being worked out to select Android devices.
  • The media moved to the Locked Folder is not visible in the rest of the Google Photos app.

Earlier this year, reported on the Google Pixel Feature Drop, which made the “Locked Folder” functionality to Pixel devices via the Google Photos app. In October, Google announced that the Locked Folder on Google Photos would be available on more Android or iOS devices by the end of the year.

According to Androidpolice, the feature has arrived on some Android phones while remaining unavailable on others. A server-side update is expected to make the function available to a more extensive user base soon.

Google Photos Locked Folder; Image from Nerds Chalk

If you have never heard of the Google Photos app’s Locked Folder feature or are unsure about its functionality, let us clear up any confusion.

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As we all know, the Google Photos app allows users to back up their photos to the Google Drive cloud storage, but with the Locked Folder feature. You can prevent specific pictures and videos from being uploaded to the drive. 

Furthermore, similar to other vault/locker software on the market, these media files are hidden locally on the user’s phone and protected by biometrics.

The feature adds another part of privacy and security by allowing you to ‘only view’ whatever you have saved and preventing you from sharing, screenshotting, or screen recording any of the content unless it is removed from the Locked Folder.

If you have the update, you can access the feature by opening Google Photos and going to the “Library” tab, then “Utilities,” and scrolling down to “Locked Folder,” where you will be directed to set up the Locked Folder. After that, you can transfer any media to this secure folder by swiping up after opening the file and selecting “Move to Locked Folder.”

Source: Gizmochina News

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