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Friday, September 29, 2023

Instagram is experimenting with a new music feature

new music feature

Key Takeaways:

  • The music feature will allow users to add music to their feed posts in India, Brazil, and Turkey.
  • This feature is being examined with a small section of Instagram’s global community and expanded based on the Instagram community’s learning.

Instagram announced on Thursday that India is one of the first three countries to test a new feature that will permit users to add music to their feed posts. According to a statement, India is one of three countries where this will be tested first, with the other two being Brazil and Turkey.

“Music is important in allowing people to share, connect, and express themselves on Instagram. With this test, Instagram hopes to provide its community with the ability to add a soundtrack to their Feed photos, as they already can with Reels and Stories “it was added.

When users click on the song, they are directed to an audio page that showcases all Feed posts that have used that song.

According to the company, this feature is being tested with a small percentage of Instagram’s global community. After that, it will be expanded based on the learning and feedback from the Instagram community. Instagram, part of Meta (formerly known as Facebook), is increasingly launching new features in India first.

Last year, it launched its new format, ‘Reels,’ allowing users to create and share short videos. Also, India was one of the 1st countries to get it. The company then launched a separate tab for ‘Reels,’ with India being the 1st country to receive this feature.

India was also one of the first 2 countries where Instagram launched Live Rooms, a feature that allows four people to go live simultaneously. In addition, Instagram announced in July that it is testing a new ‘Collab’ feature in India and the United Kingdom, which would allow users to collaborate on Feed Posts and Reels with others.

Source: BW businessworld

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