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Hydrogen Optimized is a technological “world first”

Hydrogen Optimized, based in Owen Sound

Key Takeaways:

  • Hydrogen Optimized, based in Owen Sound, Ontario, announced that its patent-pending alkaline water electrolyze technology could operate at variable power levels.
  • Causing it a prospect to help stabilize electrical grids by accepting surplus power.

Furthermore, by quickly adapting to power fluctuations, “And it is this that is impeding wind and solar deployment.”

Hydrogen Optimized, a subsidiary of Key DH Technologies Inc., is working to commercialize its RuggedCell electrolyzer technology. Which uses an alkaline chemical process created by passing electricity through water to produce green hydrogen.

It has demonstrated that its technology can maximize available power to produce “green” hydrogen using wind and solar power.

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In an interview Thursday, Edward Stuart, co-founder of Hydrogen Optimized, said that grid capacity limits how much wind and solar power could be brought online because bursts of energy produced can overwhelm the grid’s ability to accept it.

Hydrogen Optimized alkaline water electrolyze technology; Image from PV Magazine

It can claim that its technology produces green hydrogen by using power generated from sources that do not emit greenhouse gases. In addition, when hydrogen is burned, it has water rather than carbon-filled exhaust.

As the world decarbonizes, the company hopes to develop, manufacture, and sell large-scale systems for producing green hydrogen to fuel energy-intensive industrial, chemical, utility, and energy end-users.

Stuart, also vice president of product strategy, stated that the RuggedCell technology has a significant advantage in reaction time. “Most electrolyzers can operate at various power levels,” Stuart explained. “What makes us unique is that we can quickly change those power levels.”

According to the federal government, Hydrogen Optimized received a $4.8 million grant from Sustainable Development Technology Canada in June. In addition, natural Gas Innovation Fund Industry Grants and other sources, including investors, provide additional funding to the company.

In March, Hydrogen Optimized relocated to the former Tenneco auto parts factory in Owen Sound. The plant employs approximately 30 people.

In October, Andrew Stuart, president and CEO of Hydrogen Optimized stated that his company has already begun making RuggedCell electrolyzers on a tiny scale in Owen Sound. The company will be selling its RuggedCell electrolyzer worldwide within the next 12 to 24 months.

Source: The Sun-Times

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