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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Taking The World Of Competitive Horse Riding To Next Level Is An Ace Equestrian Haya Mostafa

Haya Mostafa is an immensely talented and passionate horse rider from Egypt garnering lot of love, fame, and recognition for her talent.

A close look around us will certainly prove the fact that talent is in abundance. There are thousands of talented professionals who have lit up their respective domains and niches with their innate talent and passion. Be it be the business sector, artistic industry, or the sporting arena, talented professionals have left no stone unturned in following their dreams and passion and in the way going past many boundaries and limits. When we specially talk about the sporting sector, every athlete or sportsperson wishes to make it big, representing their country and bringing glory to them. Although winning and losing is a part of the game, but to give you best shot remains any sportsperson first motive. Lets read about one committed and astute horse rider from Egypt named Haya Mostafa who is swiftly make a special name and niche for herself in the sporting arena.

Starting from a tender age of 4 years, Haya Mostafa started jumping at twelve years. Talong special interest in the professional sport of horse riding, Haya worked diligently hard to hone her overall skills and expertise. Becoming an expert in no time, Haya got due recognition from masses around the world and her talent too got lot of appreciation. Haya is an expert show jumper and have participated in many competitions around the world. She had won $4000 in her first show jumping competition. She has participated in the Show Jumping Cup in Germany and finished 1st place 8 times in her home country. Having owned four amazing horses, one among which is named Campari, with whom she participated in most of the horse riding competitions and, after 17 years, retired him. Now, he is happily enjoying his farm life.

Learning the art and craft of horse riding and getting trained by Captain Rasha Farouk and her husband, Captain Ahmed, Haya Mostafa feels that she is extremely lucky to have such mentors who have not only taught her being an excellent show jumper but also gave a meaning to her life.In addition to being an ace equestrian Haya is also a 4x Arab champion in kickboxing and also enjoys doing marketing. For more details do follow her on Instagram @haya

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