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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Eight people were killed in “mass accidents” at Travis Scott’s concert

Travis Scott's Concert

Eight people were killed, also dozens more were injured when a sold-out crowd of 50,000 people erupted outside NRG Park following rapper Travis Scott’s performance late Friday. Overpowering security authorities and leading in one of the deadliest concerts U.S. history. Seventeen people were brought to the hospital, with 11 of them suffering from cardiac arrest.

Eight people have been confirmed killed. Some of the victims may be youngsters.

As families expected word on whether their loved ones were unharmed, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo described it as a “very terrible night.”

The Houston Police Department is working with hospitals to identify victims, and a reunion center has been built at the Wyndham Houston Hotel at 8686 Kirby.

367 police officers also 241 security personnel were on duty throughout the day, according to HPD Chief Troy Finner. As a sold-out audience of 50,000 attended the scheduled two-day event, which was a homage to Houston’s abandoned Astroworld amusement park.

Around 2 p.m., tens of thousands of supporters assaulted the main gates, surrounding security and metal detectors. Security and mounted HPD officers arrested some people, but no severe injuries were recorded. Instead. It looked a lot like the commencement of the 2019 event.

Scott, a Houston native, is known for his high-octane shows and raucous crowds, which he refers to as “ragers.” Drake, who has a second home in Houston, made a surprise cameo during Scott’s set, continuing to the frenzy. The performance was broadcast live in 167 countries also territories on Apple Music.

The confusion continued until 9:38 p.m. when a “mass-casualty event” was declared. About 55 Houston Fire Department units arrived and began CPR on the unresponsive victim. Overnight, videos of the fight at NRG Park began to circulate on social media.

As tens of thousands of observers continued to party in the background, a video circulated showed paramedics driving on a golf cart giving chest compressions on a concertgoer who had fallen senseless. A few concertgoers can be seen scaling the emergency cars that were attempting to navigate the crowd.

Source: Houston chronicle

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