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Thursday, September 28, 2023

40% of Canadian family member who is not vaccinated

40% of Canadians are not vaccinated

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a recent poll, approximately 40% of Canadians know a family member or friend who is not vaccinated against COVID-19, and the majority do not bring it up with them.
  • Respondents in rural areas were more probable than those in towns or suburbs to know unvaccinated people.

According to Leger’s survey, which the Association for Canadian Studies commissioned, four out of ten Canadians have a friend or household member who is not vaccinated.

Seventy percent of those polled do not examine the issue with them, and half have given up trying to persuade them to get protective shots.

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According to the Leger-ACS survey, 35% of those polled say “it is not an issue,” and they don’t talk about it, adding that they get along well with unvaccinated family and friends.

COVID-19 vaccine Canadians unvaccinated people; Image from New York Magazine

A similar proportion has given up trying to persuade others to get vaccinated. One-eighth of those polled said they argue about getting COVID-19 vaccinations with unvaccinated people. One in ten people no longer speak with or avoid unvaccinated people, while another 6% respect and support the personal choice of unvaccinated.

The results arrive on the heels of a poll conducted by Leger last month, which found that roughly 57% of the vaccinated population would not invite an unvaccinated person into their homes.

According to Jack Jedwab, president and CEO of the Association for Canadian Studies, some research shows that taking a “hardline” stance with unvaccinated people does not work. A gentler persuasive approach is more effective.

“It is preferable to be gentler. Taking a hardline approach isn’t particularly beneficial, “He stated. The survey of 1,500 people was executed between December 3 and 5, and respondents from Saskatchewan also Manitoba were the most likely to have unvaccinated family and friends, followed by British Columbia.

Respondents from the Atlantic provinces were the most likely to “defriend” unvaccinated family and friends, while Quebecers were the most likely to influence others to get shots. According to the poll findings, respondents on the Prairies were most likely to drop the subject and “say it’s fine.”

Source: CTV News

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