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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Alix Burton Sheds Light On His Vision For the Future

Without visionaries, pioneers, explorers, and those with one eye on the future, the world would be a far more impoverished and less-advanced place. We need individuals who think big and focus on the long-term if we are to keep evolving and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Alix Burton is one such individual. He’s not a groundbreaking physicist or an award-winning neurologist. His area of expertise is far more modest but just as innovative and integral to the well-being of society as a whole.

Alix is responsible for introducing the world to Good Energy Worldwide. Hailed as something of an innovating game-changer in the transport industry, Alix’s company, which was only launched in October 2018, has already become the one-stop-shop for transportation education.

Like all the best innovative and groundbreaking ideas throughout history, the process behind Good Energy Worldwide is a simple but hugely effective one. It works so well because Alix has extensive expertise in setting up and running a hugely successful trucking business, and he now wants to help others learn the tricks of the trade in an easy-to-follow and accessible manner.

“I started my trucking company in 2012. It was such as success that three years later I had become a consultant teaching others how to do the same. The demand for my services was so high I decided to reach a bigger audience I needed to diversify and go digital with my process. Hence, Good Energy Worldwide’s digital portal was born. It is the first such portal for the trucking industry and acts as a step-by-step guide for aspiring fleet owners who wish to start their own trucking company.”

As someone who realizes how intimidating to outsiders the trucking industry can at first appear, Alix is keen to stress that he’s never driven a truck in his life, but he has successfully created his own lane in the 800-billion-dollar trucking industry.

Alix revealed, “If you’ve got a good business brain and an enquiring mind, you don’t have to grow up around trucks to make it in this industry. My digital training portal has trained thousands of people nationwide on how to make millions in trucking and there isn’t a course like it. In the digital age, we will always need effective transportation of goods and products, and nothing is more effective in this regard than trucks. I firmly believe that Good Energy Worldwide’s digital portal is the future of the industry and will help it to expand and grow like never before.”

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