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Saturday, January 29, 2022

The Rankin man’s hockey career is over due to a faulty vaccine passport

Rankin man's faulty vaccine passport

Key Takeaways:

  • Because of the Hamlet of Rankin Inlet’s decision to prohibit unvaccinated people from entering municipal buildings.
  • One resident’s hockey career is over, and he wo not be able to watch his children play either.

“Not being able to go see my kids play and practice is pretty difficult, for both my kids and me,” said unvaccinated Savik Ford.

Since November 30, only people who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 have been permitted to enter municipal buildings such as hockey arena.

“It’s pretty difficult not to help them dress up or just give them ice tips,” said Ford, who now advises his four children from home. “I’ve already told my kids that hockey won’t be around forever.” It’s more important for my family to be together.” The decision of Hamlet “ticked me off at first,” admitted Ford, but he’s since come around to accepting it.

“It’s OK that I’m not in hockey anymore,” he said. “I’ve already moved on, so I’m not as angry as I was at first.” He stated that he is not opposed to the Covid-19 vaccines and respects everyone’s subject.

“I’ve decided not to take it,” he explained. “It’s just my preference, so I’m sticking with it.” Even the hockey game is meaningless if I have to take the vaccine. That’s like saying, “Why to take my liberty?”

Rankin man’s hockey career is over; Image from Nunavut news

He knows others in his situation and some who have succumbed to peer pressure and taken the vaccine against their will. In an email, Darren Flynn, senior administrative officer for the Hamlet of Rankin Inlet, stated that “life as an adult is all about choices.” Neither the hamlet council nor I have forced anyone to stop participating in hockey or any other sport. If someone makes a decision, it is their decision, not ours.”

People who cite human rights as a reason for not taking the vaccine, he says, “seem to summarily dismiss everyone else’s human right to live in a safe environment.”

The hamlet announced increased capacity limits at the Singiittuq Community Hall Complex and Agnico Eagle Arena on Thursday, December 9.

“This means we’ll be able to hold Christmas games for the first time in two years,” Flynn wrote. “It also means that the arena will be able to provide our incredible hockey fans with the opportunity to watch live hockey!”

Source: Nunavutnews

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