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Friday, December 1, 2023

The photos you liked in 2020

Northern lights dominate our top 10 photos online

Due to the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, many in Nunavut and Nunavik spent more time inside or in town.

That may explain why landscape photos, which offered a new view of the world, were by far the most popular on the Facebook page and Twitter feed over this past year.

(Photo by David Kakuktinniq)

The most liked, viewed and shared on Facebook was this beauty, taken by Rankin Inlet photographer David Kakuktinniq. It’s an August 28 snap of the northern lights.

(Photo by Dustin Patar)

The second place photo honours go to Dustin Patar. Patar took this photo of an inuksuk made of ice, glistening in the afternoon sunshine on Jan. 20, as the sun set over Iqaluit.

(Photo by Clare Kines)

The third place photo was taken by Clare Kines. He captured this scene a little after 9 a.m. on Oct. 9 from the shore of Arctic Bay, looking towards King George Mountain on the left and Adams Sound to the right.

(Photo by Gordy Kidlapik)

In fourth place, polar bear cubs wrestle as their mother rests by the Arviat airport’s landing strip in this photo, taken by Gordy Kidlapik on Oct. 29.

(Photo by Mosha Folger)

Here, Anwen Folger, six, looks at sea ice forming along Iqaluit’s beach behind the elders home on Oct. 28. Mosha Folger caught this scene.

(Photo by Blaine Heffernan)

Iqaluit photographer Blaine Heffernan captured this image at the city’s Four Corners on Oct. 16. He said rain had just started to let up along Federal Road, leaving the perfect puddle. “I knew I could reflect the big Qamutiq sign in it,” he said, explaining he used a long exposure with a wide-open aperture. “I knew I would have many starbursts from the streetlights down Ring Road. This was the result!”

(Photo by Bill Williams)

The northern lights glow above one of the old Hudson Bay Company buildings in Apex, just outside Iqaluit, in this photo taken March 14 by Bill Williams.

(Photo by Andrew Tagak)

Andrew Tagak took this photo of qamutiit on the sea ice near Pond Inlet on May 31 against the early morning sun over Bylot Island.

(Photo by Frank Reardon)

The lights of Iqaluit shine on a beautiful but cold — at -35 C — evening in this photo by Frank Reardon taken on Feb. 19.

(Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

And our top photo on Twitter was this photo of the autumn landscape near Kuujjuaq, taken Sept. 15 by Isabelle Dubois while out berry picking.

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