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Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Nunavut theater company looks back at its debut production Artifice

The Nunavut theater company

Key Takeaways:

  • The Nunavut Theatre Company, based in Iqaluit, launched its first production.
  • Nunavut Theatre Company launched Artifice by playwright Anne Flanagan, at the Aqsarniit Hotel from Nov. 11 to 13.

Artifice is about an artist who gets his big break after being presumed dead, and his estranged wife is forced to sell the now-valuable collection to avoid bankruptcy.

When the artist returns home, there is comedy and chaos. According to the play’s director, it was a challenging experience for the cast and crew as the company’s first play, but it paid off in the end. “I think it went well; there were a lot of things we had to figure out because it was our first production, but the end product was just amazing,” said Alex Michaud, Artifice’s director and vice-president of the Nunavut Theatre Company.

“The cast was fantastic and giving it their all, and the stage crew, too, working a lot to make sure  that it happened and that they produced a fantastic show.” According to one of the play’s actors, “all of the cast and crew were there for each other to make this play a reality.”

“The level of support that was there, both in the cast and the crew, really shone through in the week leading up to the performance,” Aloka Wijesooriya, who played Rachel in Artifice, said.

“It was amazing that everyone was able to support one another during such a difficult time.” While the main character of Rachel in the original version of the play was written as Richard, there was some flexibility with many of the characters in the play, especially when it came to casting.

“Through conversations with the creative team and me, some of us suggested Rachel as a name, and that’s the character who became the show’s lead,” Wijesooriya added. The emotional core of the play, according to Michaud, comes from characters Maggie and Payne Showers, who was played by Mollie King and David Venn, respectively.

While the first Thursday night show was a little slower, Michaud said that many people came out to support community theatre on Friday and Saturday.

SOURCE: Nunavut news

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