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The new Rankin Inlet beer and wine store’s first day brings in $32,000 and 444 customers

Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission

Key Takeaways:

  • 444 customers spent just under $32,000 on alcoholic beverages on the first day of Rankin Inlet’s new beer and wine store.
  • “The launch went very well,” said Daniel Young, director of the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission, referring to December 4.

“It was not as crowded as we had feared on opening day.” He praised the well-trained staff for their excellent customer service.

Despite being the store’s first day of operation, Young was impressed by the store’s six employees plus a manager, who had an average fill time per order of 48 seconds.

“It was very efficient,” he stated. However, many comments on social media expressed disappointment and scepticism about the store. Kivalliq News reached out to a few commenters for their thoughts.

When she heard about the beer and wine store’s opening, Veronica Angotingoar burst into tears. “When I saw that post, it brought back a lot of sad memories,” she said. “We need a lot more than a beer and wine store in Rankin.” So before we open a wine and beer store, let us first look after our community and our people.”

Rankin Inlet beer and wine store; Image from NNSL Media

She added, “Perhaps I’m just being a mother,” acknowledging that not everyone would agree with her. Traumatic visions from her childhood influence her current viewpoint.

“I was a very young child when Hudson’s Bay in Rankin Inlet sold beer,” she explained. “Even in my own home, I’ve seen what alcohol can do to people who can’t handle it.” It’s great for people who can handle it and have a few and go, but it’s not so great for some people who can’t.”

Another anonymous commenter stated that everything has advantages and disadvantages.

“It can be beneficial for people to purchase at a reasonable price rather than paying $150-200 for a bottle and then having to buy another if they still want to continue,” the individual stated. “Parents must hold themselves accountable and set priorities.”

Taina Aliyak Kubluitok stated that residents voted for the store and convenient for those who drink alcohol at the end of the night. However, she is concerned about the feasibility of child neglect and elder abuse. She mentioned some of the negative consequences she witnessed due to the beer and wine store in Iqaluit this summer.

Source: Nunavutnews

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