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Passenger of the flight is advised as Covid-19 case was found in Iqaluit

Covid-19 case was found in Iqaluit

Key Takeaways:

  • On Saturday afternoon, Dr. Michael Patterson, the chief public health officer in Iqaluit, announced a confirmed case of Covid-19.
  • According to Patterson, the infected person tested positive on Friday after recently returning from a trip to southern Canada.

“The individual is being isolated, and contact tracing is being conducted.” “The high risk of transmission is considered low, and no additional public health measures are required at this time,” he said.

On Thursday, unvaccinated passengers on Canadian North’s flight 5T-103 from Ottawa to Iqaluit are advised to isolate themselves immediately until December 16. Vaccinated passengers in those rows should observe themselves for symptoms until December 16.

According to the Department of Health, the positive virus sample will be sent to a laboratory in southern Canada to be identified as the Covid-19 variant.

Unvaccinated passengers on Canadian North’s flight; Image from PE Hub

Anyone undergoing Covid-19 symptoms is advised to call the Covid hotline at 1-888-975-8601 between 10 a.m. or 6 p.m. EST or to contact their local health center right away. Please avoid going to the health center in person.

Vaccines and boosters for Covid-19 are now available to all Nunavummiut aged five and up. Contact your local health center or Iqaluit Public Health to schedule an appointment.

If you develop symptoms and have traveled to a region where there are known cases of COVID-19 in the community, or if you have come into contact with someone who has.

Stay at home and limit your contact with others. Consult your doctor or other health care provider if you have any issues.

If you develop a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing within the next 14 days, contact your health care provider also local public health authority and inform them that you may have been exposed to COVID-19.

If you are sick or need to see a doctor, call ahead or tell them that you have a respiratory illness and that you have traveled when you arrive.

Source: Nunavutnews, Gov.nunavut News

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