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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Nunavut’s premier and government will be selected today

Nunavut's premier and government

Key Takeaways:

  • As the legislature reconvenes, MLAs will vote by secret ballot.
  • LAs will elect eight cabinet ministers after the premier is chosen.

As the legislative assembly gets down to work for the first time since last month’s election, Nunavut’s newly elected MLAs will choose the territory’s premier, cabinet, and Speaker of the legislature on Wednesday.

Even though the leadership forum is open to the public, the decisions are determined by secret ballot. According to a news release published by John Quirke, the clerk of the parliamentary assembly, the forum would begin with MLAs selecting their speakers.

Once chosen, the Speaker will preside over the remainder of the event. MLAs will then elect their premier. Those nominated will have the opportunity to give a speech and respond to questions from other members.

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The premier-elect will then assign ministries to ministers. Nunavut voters elected 22 members to the sixth legislative assembly on Oct. 25. Five incumbent MLAs ran unopposed, six were re-elected, and eleven were selected for the first time.

Ministers re-elected or acclaimed to the new administration include Premier Joe Savikataaq, George Hickes, Lorne Kusugak, David Joanasie, David Akeeagok, and Margaret Nakashuk. The MLAs began their orientation on Nov. 8, and the new legislature will convene in Iqaluit for the first time on Friday.

The legislative association will not meet again until the new year after Nov. 19. However, the legislative assembly’s sessions will be held live on local cable stations, select local radio stations, and the legislative assembly’s website on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Nunavut’s legislature in Iqaluit will be packed with MLAs as members some new and others returning elect a premier, cabinet, and Speaker of the Legislature.

Source: Nunatsiaq News

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