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Friday, December 1, 2023

Nunavut college student extends $3,900 worth of food to assist famished classmates


Key takeaways: 

  • Several students were going famished because they didn’t receive their financial help on time.
  • Miranda Evetalegak is a student at Nunavut Arctic College. 
  • She founded a fundraiser for food assistance after students went famished because they didn’t receive their financial help on time.

A Nunavut Arctic College student raises money for the help of her hungry classmates: 

When Miranda Evetalegak saw out some of her classmates at Nunavut Arctic College were going famished because their student financial help had been postponed, she decided to find a method to feed them.

Evetalegak, who is in the Nunavut Teacher Education program in Iqaluit, states she roused up crying the morning after she listened about her fellow students’ difficulty.

“I don’t like seeing families or children go starving. It really breaks my heart, because I went through that a lot. And now that I’m older, I can help now,” she stated. Source –

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Nunavut college student of Nunavut Arctic College raise money for food help for her hungry classmates

She knew she had to work, so she founded a fundraiser for food donations. 

She ended up growing $3,900 worth of food — sufficiently to feed the entire street of student housing.

The food was granted by the Nunavut Food Bank, with support from Food Banks Canada. Community members in Iqaluit strode up to distribute the food to students before this week.

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