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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Baker Lake Daycare finds a new home months after the fire

Baker Lake parents

According to SAO, Parents were kept home from work without enough babysitters to meet hamlet’s needs.

More than two months after a fire covered the community’s only daycare, leaving parents scrambling to find babysitters and other child care arrangements, Baker Lake parents are one step closer to seeing some relief.

According to Sheldon Dorey, Baker Lake’s senior administrative officer, The hamlet newly leased space at the Baha’i House to the daycare to operate in temporarily. He said The one-year lease was approved on October 15 with the option to continue if required. According to Dorey, the Baha’i House was relatively unused, with a large open space, a kitchenette, and some living spaces in the back.

Dorey said the lack of child care choices had impacted the community since the fire, with about 25 children typically attending the day care.

According to Dorey, the hamlet has been accommodating its employees in terms of arriving late, taking time off, or using vacation time to care for their children. Still, this type of flexibility is dependent on the employer.

“Hamlet workers, government employees, Northern employees, anyone with small children.” “Some people have missed work as a result of it,” Dorey said. The fire broke out on August 17, leaving a large portion of the building with burn and smoke harm, as well as some water harm from firefighting efforts to extinguish the blaze.

The Department of Education in Nunavut is in charge of daycare commands in the territory.

The daycare’s manager did not respond to requests for an interview, but according to a post on the daycare’s Facebook page, staff have been cleaning out the new space and preparing to move in.

The department’s initial learning childhood officers will travel to Baker Lake soon to ensure that the new location meets fire and safety commands before it can open, according to German Bernal, a department spokesperson, in an email.

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