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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

All are invited to the Rankin Inlet skill-development volleyball event

Rankin Inlet skill-development volleyball event

Key Takeaways:

  • The junior girls require to practice, which is where people of Rankin Inlet come in.
  • Coaches Robert Kabvitok and Holly Mercer encourage men and women to compete in a casual volleyball competition from November 22 to 28 to help the junior girl’s team strengthen their skills.

“The major goal is for the students to improve their talents and experience what it’s like to compete,” Kabvitok explained. “These youngsters have participated in soccer and hockey tournaments, but they have never participated in a volleyball event.” We will see what we need to work on with the girls after the mini-tournament.”

He stated that the girls would work on their volleying, bumping, communication, serving skills, and team bonding.

Kabvitok and Mercer have been teaching for years, but they recently took a break to spend more time with their families. Kabvitok is incredibly proud of his former volleyball players who competed in the Arctic Winter Games and the Canada Summer Games.

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“That was our goal,” Kabvitok said. “We wanted to see volleyball players representing Rankin while also having a good time.”

Kabvitok discovered his passion for coaching while in junior high school, thanks to his coach. “He was always there with us, teaching us how to play,” he explained. “He was honest with us, and that is what I wanted to do help kids.” “I enjoy coaching.”

He expresses gratitude to the senior men’s and women’s volleyball committees for allowing the girls to participate in volleyball.

The tournament will take place in the evenings on Monday, November 22, Wednesday, November 24, and Sunday, November 28.

To sign up, message Kabvitok or Mercer on Facebook or look for a sign-up sheet in the gym. Players are welcome to join at any time during the tournament, as long as there is room to play.

Source: Nunavut News

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