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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Nunavut artist will be featured on a holiday shipping box

A Nunavut artist

Key Takeaways:

  • Iqaluit’s Kyra Flaherty is one of 13 artists featured on Purolator’s holiday shipping box series, “Light Up the Holidays.”
  • This holiday season, the work of an Iqaluit artist will be featured on Purolator’s delivery boxes.

Kyra Flaherty’s artwork is one of 13 in the company’s “Light Up the Holidays” collection, which includes artists from all provinces and territories.

According to a press release from Purolator, the creative boxes feature “representations of stunning Canadian winter landscapes, native floras and faunas, local Christmas traditions, and so much more.” Flaherty said she is excited to have been chosen. Also, she is looking forward to getting a physical box of her own.

“I have been creating artwork for a long time, so it means a lot to have it was finally going somewhere and having Inuit representation,” she said.

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Her contribution to the series is inspired by the North Pole and how Nunavut residents celebrate Christmas. The box has a caribou and an igloo under the northern lights on one side and “Merry Christmas” written in Inuktitut with a polar bear in the corner on the other.

“I wanted it to be very realistic to Nunavut life and how we celebrate Christmas, which is very cultural and minimalist,” she explained. Overall, Flaherty says she is honored to be representing Nunavut on a box that could be shipped across Canada this holiday season.

“I feel very honored also lucky to be able to share my vision of what Christmas is like up north through my lens,” she said. “I hold myself blessed to have been allowed to show the rest of Canada what Nunavut’s Christmas looks like.”

Source: Nunatsiaq News

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