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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Worker dies in casualty at Sabina Gold & Silver site in western Nunavut


Key takeaways: 

  • A male operating a dozer is believed to have slipped through the ice.
  • An individual died there before this week while driving on an ice road.

An Employee of Sabina Gold and Silver dies in a casualty: 

One individual is dead after slipping through the ice in a dozer while operating on the Back River gold task in western Nunavut, where Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. is developing a gold mine. 

Nicole Hoeller, a representative for Sabina Gold & Silver, stated they think the individual fell through the ice around six kilometers outside the firm’s port facility on Bathurst Inlet Monday. 

The location is approximately 400 kilometers from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. A news release from the mine states that the individual’s family who died has been notified. 

The individual was a firm worker contracted by Sabina Gold & Silver to construct a 170-kilometer ice route from the port to the Goose project area.

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A worker of Sabina Gold and Silver dies in a casualty at a site in western Nunavut

The route will transport equipment from the summer sealift to the Goose camp. It’s being constructed over land, sea, and lake ice, Hoeller stated. 

The individual and the dozer were declared missing at 3 p.m. MT Monday. All other workers returned to camp and were accounted for. 

The spokesperson states the RCMP in Cambridge Bay, the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission, and a mine inspector have been informed of the happening and filed a spill report. 

Sabina Gold & Silver states that the mine inspector is expected to reach on Wednesday. 

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