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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Whitehorse gamers expand Yukon E-Sports Alliance


Key takeaways: 

  • Brandon Wicke expects establishing a non-profit will direct to bigger and better local events.
  • Wicke and some friends began the Yukon E-Sports Alliance to develop the competitive gaming community in Yukon. 

An avid Whitehorse gamer is expecting to bring more Yukoners involved in esports.

Brandon Wicke and a few of his fellow gamers — all avid Super Smash Brothers competitors — began the Yukon E-Sports Alliance to form a more extensive competitive gaming community.

The group seeks to be a place for people to discover teammates and competitors, share video game events in Whitehorse, and talk with fellow gamers in the region. 

It also wants to support local gamers to get the budget to organize their tournaments or do what Wicke and his friends did before this month: illustrate the Yukon at games outside the region.

Wicke and four of his friends competed at the 4th Battle of B.C. in Vancouver this month, where Wicke says nearly 1,000 people contended.

It was Wicke’s first time competing in such a big match.

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An avid Whitehorse gamer is expecting to bring more Yukoners involved in esports

“It was like any sports event I’ve been to,” he stated. “

[There was] a very vibrant and wild crowd cheering on their favorites.”

Four giant screens were set behind the primary stage in the ballroom where gamers contested the Super Smash Brothers match.

Wicke has competed in fewer events and said he was “blown away” by how much more promising he could get at playing the game.

“And it was such a big push to be moving on, and I think that’s a parallel story for many gamers who dip their toes into this more competitive hall,” he said.

Whitehorse has a habit of hosting “humble” events where gamers meet and play with “a more competitive perspective,” according to Wicke.

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