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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Nunavut publishes boil-water advisory for Iqaluit after fuel smell back to city water


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘Preventive effort’ as the city is ignoring water treatment plant, state health officials.
  • The city of the Iqaluit team provided pure water to the Elders’ Qammaq on Monday, Jan. 17. 
  • On Wednesday, the Nunavut government published a boil water advisory for the city. 

Iqaluit citizens advised to drink boiled water amid fuel smells: 

Citizens of Iqaluit are being advised to boil water from the city’s supply for a whole minute before drinking it after Nunavut’s Health Department published a boil-water advisory on Wednesday afternoon.

“The city has ignored the water treatment plant due to current contamination events,” the advisory remarked. Source –

It counted citizens should even boil their tap water if they are utilizing it to clean food, brush teeth, cook, prepare infant formula or juices, or create ice cubes. 

Nunavut’s chief public health officer states officials published the advisory because the city saw a small number of hydrocarbons in the water on Wednesday morning after noticing small quantities the previous Monday and Wednesday.

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Iqaluit’s citizen are being advised by Nunavut to drink boil water after fuel smells return

Dr. Michael Patterson states the amounts seen don’t induce any health problems.

While the City of Iqaluit stated the bypassed water, which is being piped in from Lake Geraldine, will persist in being treated using UV and chlorine disinfection in a different press release, Patterson officials don’t know whether it will be sufficiently treated.

“We’ll have to be doing tests,” he informed the media, adding the water may look slightly cloudy. “So, at least until we know the circumstances, it’s best to boil the water.” Source –

Patterson, who stated he has been consuming the city’s water, added that water that doesn’t smell like hydrocarbons is safe to drink. 

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