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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Nunavut attendance rates ‘down than usual’: Education minister


Key takeaways: 

  • Minister Pamela Gross urged frustrated parents to call out to teachers straight.
  • Nunavut Minister of Education Pamela Gross addressed the press during a news conference in Iqaluit the previous week.
  • Gross on Tuesday provided several explanations for why children may be skipping class. 

Attendance of school descending in the Nunavut territory: 

Nunavut schools may have resumed to students on Jan. 24, but not all students attended class. 

Education minister Pamela Gross stated for the week of Jan. 24 to 28, schools throughout the region witnessed “more down than normal” school attendance — varying between 21 and 29 percent lower than the average attendance rate. 

Gross presented a few bases why students had not all returned to their classroom, though she stated she does urge all students to go to school if they can. 

“There could be several reasons for the more down rates of attendance, including students who are at home isolating or remaining home due to COVID-19 signs, or also staying home due to worry,” she stated.  Source –

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Attendance rates of Nunavut schools lower than normal

Gross stated she has heard from parents who are anxious regarding cases of COVID-19 spreading in their neighborhood, but she is optimistic that “we can get back to some normality sometime shortly.” Source –

“I understand the frustrations that parents may meet at this time, but I would say that it’s finest … for the parent to call out directly to their teacher,” stated Gross. In the meantime, Health Minister John Main urged parents to take substantial steps to keep their kids safe in school this semester. 

“We understand that it’s an extremely stressful time,” he stated. “I just want to inspire parents who do have that trouble for their kid’s health to please have your child immunized for COVID-19.” Source –

At a press conference Tuesday morning, Nunavut’s Chief Public Health Officer Michael Patterson told it was “impossible” to know precisely how many cases of COVID-19 had been reported in Nunavut schools.  Source –

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