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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Mount Sima probing after kid falls from a ski lift, no damages reported


Key takeaways: 

  • A video shows that witnesses could grab the kid, averting damages.
  • A screengrab of the video depicts a kid hanging from a chairlift while viewers are ready to break the child’s fall. 
  • At the end of the video, the child seemed to be alright, and a team member at Mount Sima said no wounds were reported. 

Child falls from a ski lift: 

On Saturday, a Mount Sima team member said the ski hill south of Whitehorse is probing after a kid fell from a ski lift.

Sam Oettli, general manager of Mount Sima, stated the child concerned in the fall was not hurt. 

A video of the happening sent to CBC News over Facebook demonstrates a tiny skier hanging from the ski lift, which seems to be a 15 to 20-foot drop from the ground.

Eight witnesses assembled underneath, creating a circle to break the fall. 

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Kid hangs at the ski lift and falls down

The child ultimately let go, and the group underneath grabbed the child, reducing the effect of the fall. 

One of the bystanders can be heard stating, “you alright, mate?” Afterward, the kid can be seen standing up.   Oettli said not much data can be shared as it is under probe, but “the child is totally fine.”

“The significant thing is nobody got injured, everybody is good. It’s just a strange case; we’re attempting to figure out what happened there,” he said. 

Mount Sima is a ski hill almost 15 kilometers south of Whitehorse. 

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