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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Man charged of Yellowknife killing elects judge-alone trial


Key takeaways: 

  • Devon Larabie is arrested with second-degree killing in link with 22-year-old Breanna Menacho.
  •  Menacho was seen dead in a Yellowknife home the previous May. No accusations against Larabie have been confirmed in court. 
  • His trial is anticipated to start in the fall.

Breanna Menacho murdered in Yellowknife home: 

The man charged with murdering a 22-year-old female in Yellowknife is prepared for trial this fall. 

Devon Larabie was arrested with second-degree murder in link with Breanna Menacho in May 2020. 

Larabie, occurring in N.W.T. Supreme Court from control by video, elected a judge-alone trial Wednesday afternoon. 

Larabie has not yet joined a legal appeal on the killing charge; however, his solicitor John Cowan proved Wednesday that Larabie is anticipated to claim not blameworthy on the foremost day of trial. 

Menacho was seen dead in a Yellowknife flat on May 6. She was 22 years old.

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Man charged with murder of Breanne Menacho

Two others arrested in link with the case pleaded blameworthy to working as accessories after the killing. 

Lisa Leona Brule and Jordan Nande were sentenced to 10 months in prison and two years probation in December 2020. 

No accusations against Larabie have been confirmed in court. 

Precise dates have yet to be set; however, Larabie’s trial is anticipated in the previous three weeks, from late September to before November. 

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