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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Life in Arviat reaches to ‘halt’ as Nunavut’s COVID-19 cases double in 4 days


Key takeaways:

  • 11 fresh cases Monday gets active case total in the territory to 207.
  • Joe Savikataaq Jr., the mayor of Arviat, Nunavut, stated his community’s healthcare ability is pushed to the limitation because of a spike of COVID-19 cases there.
  •  As of Monday, there were 48 fresh cases in Arviat.

Nunavut’s covid cases almost doubled in 4 days: 

Everything has come to a “halt” in Arviat states the mayor of the hamlet — which is one of several neighbourhoods in Nunavut tussling with a spiking number of COVID-19 cases. 

“Everything is stretched right to the limit, beyond the limit right now, due to all the contact tracing,” Joe Savikataaq Jr. informed CBC News Monday morning. Source –

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Nunavut’s covid cases almost doubled in 4 days

Nunavut’s territory-wide case count has risen by another 11 cases to a total of 207, which is almost double the number of cases there were four days back. The digits include 48 cases in Arviat, a hamlet that is residence to fewer than 3,000 individuals.

“We’re not sure just what variant it is, but it is likely Omicron,” stated Savikataaq Jr. “The numbers are rapidly growing and testing is an issue right now. It cannot keep up at the moment.” Arviat mourned the North’s first significant outbreak of COVID-19 starting in November of 2020. Six months after, the community had experienced 339 cases and one death. Source –

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