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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Frozen utility lines in Iqaluit cause a mess for Stoneridge citizens


Key takeaways: 

  • Northview is still operating to fix frozen water and sewer lines ten days after.
  • Maxine Chubbs stays in the Stoneridge flats in Iqaluit.
  •  She states water pipes to the building froze ten days back — and sewer pipes lately began to freeze, too. 

Sewer pipes have frozen in Iqaluit: 

Citizens at the Stoneridge flats in Iqaluit, who have been waiting for almost a week to resolve their frozen pipes, can now at least shower at a separate building and carry water back to their houses.

But for Maxine Chubbs, that resolution is too little, too late. It also does nothing to prevent the smell of raw sewage from filling her apartment, where frozen sewer lines have forced sewage to back up into her sink and flow out of the structure.

Chubbs, who stays in Stoneridge, states the water pipes to the building froze ten days back when water was closed down city-wide on March 1.

She says she called the crisis housing line for six days before fixing up an apartment at a different building so she and other Stoneridge citizens could shower, do their laundry and bring water.

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Utility lines are frozen due to the severe climatic condition in Iqaluit

But she says the problem has just gotten worse as the building owner, Northview, and the city pass the blame for the frozen pipes back and on.

“Two days ago, sewage began to freeze, and for the final day and a half, there has been sewage in my kitchen sink,” she stated. “The city’s telling housing is the issue; housing is saying the city is the situation. So then, while that’s happening, everything persists in freezing.”

Simon Doiron, Iqaluit’s director of public works and engineering, stated the city’s water and wastewater mains are usually working.

“To my understanding, there are plumbing problems within the building that are impacting water and sewer assistance to Stoneridge,” he said.

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