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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Fox incursion in Coral-Harbour kills two dogs as Nunavut alerts of rabies risk


Key takeaways: 

  • Watch your animals, Nunavut’s health department declares.
  • Health officials have urged citizens to be careful of aggressive foxes after one pounded two dogs, causing the demise of all three animals.

Nunavut government alerts citizens of Fox’s threat: 

An antagonistic fox in Coral Harbour pounded two dogs, and all three animals have perished, declares Nunavut’s health department.

The department published a caution in a public health advisory Wednesday for community citizens to watch their animals and be on the alert for foxes in the region because of the risk of rabies.

It did not state whether the fox killed the dogs or had to be put down because of rabies.

The department states anyone bitten or scratched by a fox or dog must go to the health center and inform it instantly. Given how deadly rabies is, medicine has to be begun quickly.

“Any dog unsupervised could have a fox encounter, and dogs that owners claim are headed 100 percent of the time have had rabies,” the notice said. Source –

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Fox attack two dogs in Carol Harbour, Nunavut issues alerts for rabies threat

“Animals should be observed for a difference in behavior and symptoms of rabies.” Source –

Symptoms include bizarre behavior, staggering, frothing at the mouth, weird noises, or choking.

Anyone who has witnessed a fox or wolf in the community or whose dog has had contact with one must contact the provincial environmental health officer at 867-645-6660 or conservation officer at 867-975-1104.

The alert is one of many published across Nunavut in current months. Earlier this month, a dog in Iqaluit tested positive for rabies, and rabid foxes were seen in the region.

 A fox in Arctic Bay also tested positive for rabies lately after contacting a sled dog team. Individuals in Sanikiluaq have also been alerted of antagonistic foxes.

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