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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Aurora College launches new campus on Tin Can Hill to Yellowknife city council


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘We’re considering authorizing Aurora College with quite a treasure,’ says Coun. Shauna Morgan.
  • Aurora College is eyeing a lot of the land to make a campus for the new polytechnic university.

Aurora College is eyeing a particular Yellowknife municipal land parcel for its new offered campus — Tin Can Hill.

Yellowknife city council heard a presentation regarding the proposal during a Monday committee meeting.

Council is being requested to vote on whether it will enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Government of the Northwest Territories and Aurora College for the new site. This wouldn’t mean the pre-approval by the council or the city.

Instead, stated city manager Sheila Bassi-Kellett, an MOU would allow Aurora College to prepare and design for the Tin Can Hill location to schedule an estimate, which could be used to seek capital dollars for building in the future.

Bassi-Kellett said it would also be the beginning of the land-use processes that the city must track as laid out in the community project, the Zoning Bylaw, and the land administration bylaw, including public engagement.

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Aurora College is eyeing a particular Yellowknife municipal land parcel for its new offered campus — Tin Can Hill

“The location [Tin Can Hill] meets Aurora College’s claims in a land parcel that can meet present and future polytechnic requirements,” said Bassi-Kellett.

Tin Can Hill is a large stretch of wilderness that runs alongside Yellowknife Bay, an associate of Great Slave Lake.

Named for the rusted tin cans left by prospectors decades back, which are still significant, the area is a haven for off-leash dog walkers, bikers, and picnickers. 

Bassi-Kellett said the city administration likes some things about the concept. 

“It’s close to downtown, adjacent to existing municipal services. Proper use of this stunning location will persist in having public access to the outdoor areas.” Aurora College is changing into a polytechnic university and updating some of its programs.

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