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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Best new holiday music in 2021: Molly Johnson, Tyler Shaw, and others

Best new holiday music in 2021

Key Takeaways:

  • Over 20 artists contributed originals and covers, including PIQSIQ, Tenille Townes, and Kelly Clarkson.
  • The sudden onslaught of nonstop holiday music is either a never-ending nightmare or a delightful dream come true, depending on where you fall on the Grinch Heart Spectrum pea-sized to three-sized.

But there’s good news for both extremes, and everyone in-between: 2021 will be a fantastic year for new holiday songs. Begin with great originals by megastars (Tenille Townes, Kelly Clarkson, and Chris Stapleton), exciting indie artists (PIQSIQ, Wrabel, and Hiss Golden Messenger), and talented new voices (Ellen Doty and Taylor, Maya and Ben).

Return to seasonal favorites like gorgeous instrumentals (Chilly Gonzales, Alexandra Stréliski), sentimental heartbreakers (Terra Lightfoot, Elle King), and childhood favorites (Tom Wilson and the Art of Time Ensemble).

Or host your dance party with a delightful remake of Madonna’s “Holiday,” a winter remake of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” titled what else “December,” or the 40th anniversary Cut Chemist Remix of Blondie’s “Yuletide Throwdown” featuring Fab Five Freddy.

Song: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

Artist: Ria Mae

Ria Mae gives Darlene Love’s iconic Christmas staple a shimmery, electro-pop makeover, one of the country’s most unique voices.

Song: “Don’t You Know it’s Christmas.”

Artist: Molly Johnson

Few people spread joy like Molly Johnson, and this upbeat R&B single is an overwhelming party starter with multigenerational interest. 

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Song: “Glow”

Artist: Kelly Clarkson featuring Chris Stapleton

When Kelly Clarkson published her new holiday album a few months ago, everyone was all around her winking post-divorce anthem, “Christmas isn’t Canceled (But You Are).” 

Song: “Holiday”

Artist: She & Him

She & Him’s laid-back, funk-and-groove take on the Madonna classic is a perfect pop of wonder for the holiday playlist.

Song: “Calling You Home for the Holidays”

Artist: Catherine MacLellan

This exciting and heartening folk-pop beauty hits another hard as many faces a second pandemic holiday. If that’s your position in 2021, Catherine MacLellan’s original strength is the perfect song to kick off a long-distance listening party with the ones you love and dream together of what next year might look like. 

Source: CBC News

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