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A new album by Darren Michael Boyd has been released

Darren Michael Boyd

Key Takeaways:

  • On October 28, local musician Darren Michael Boyd released his new album, “Last Seen in Canada.”
  • In just three years, the Kemptville native has published 13 music videos and three albums.

He hopes to release a new music video at the end of November and has resumed live performances after a two-year break. Darren wrote to the Times about his music.

Many of Darren’s music videos feature animals of various species, including cats and snakes. Darren explained why this is so simple, saying that he owns a company called Reptile Rainforest in addition to being a musician. The inspiration for Darren’s music comes from nowhere in particular. Darren describes himself as having a “non-negotiable need to create” and finds inspiration everywhere.

Darren, a former lyricist and a musician was unable to continue performing the same way after a bad car accident. He realized he needed to reinvent his musical style.

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He decided to try his hand at instrumental music, not realizing how successful it would become until he received multiple nominations and awards.

“Instrumental music also regains popularity, possibly because the listener is left to interpret the meaning.” Darren has worked hard to create a musical style that is easy to listen to and appealing to an extensive range of people, writing, “My music is not just for ‘guitar nerds’ or anything like that.”

The album released on October 28 “Last Seen in Canada” has what Darren describes as a “spooky surf” vibe.

When asked if he plans on doing any more live shows shortly, Darren confirmed that he will, but with one catch. “I am so excited to be capable of starting performing live shows again!” He wrote. “What I’m doing is still a tiny weird to fit into greatest venues these days, but I have a great band also hope to get any appropriate show opportunities soon!”


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