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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Princess Charlene is back in Monaco following a long time

Princess Charlene

Monaco welcomed Princess Charlene’s return to the kingdom on Monday after spending most of the year in her native South Africa.

Charlene, who marry the Prince of Monaco in an elaborate ceremony in 2011, is pictured walking a dog with her family in the kingdom. She lives in South Africa, where she grew up, sparking speculation about a possible split in the royal couple, a claim the family denies.

“Princess Charlene is finally reunited in Monaco with her husband Prince Albert and their children Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella,” the Royal Palace of Monaco announced on Instagram.

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The photos show Charlene wearing a protective face mask, surrounded by her husband and children in front of the palace’s white steps. In September, the princess was admitted to a hospital in South Africa to treat an ear, nose, and throat infection that caused her damage.

On Monday, the Royal Palace announced that Charlene, who swam for South Africa at the 2000 Olympics, was “imprisoned in South Africa for medical problems.”

Last month, before Albert left for the COP26 environmental summit in Glasgow, Scotland, with the couple’s children, the prince said he was waiting for final approval from Charlie’s medical team before sending the plane. Albert, 63, said in an interview that the princess had completed her surgery, that she was “in good shape and a much better mood and will be returning to Monaco soon.”

Meanwhile, Princess Charlene was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, a photo shows him in front of the car as he shakes hands with his son Jacques to protect him. According to Nice-Matin, Charles’ husband Prince Albert and his six-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella welcomed them with a large bouquet.

Source: U.S.News

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