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The global pandemic has reduced travel destinations to hopes on a Pinterest board and memories in photographs. But the gradual reopening of businesses and borders means that worldwide travel and tourism will once again be possible. Jose Gaytan, founder of PHP Agency, Inc, one of the fastest-growing financial marketing companies in the U.S., states that “out of the many perks of entrepreneurship, my favorite is location freedom.” This seasoned entrepreneur and business owner is looking to the future, where he lists five places that deserve to be explored in the post-pandemic world.


 Image by khomson srisawasdi
Image by khomson srisawasdi

Bhutan, a Buddhist nation that is nestled between China and India, has been referred to as ‘The happiest place on earth.’ Located on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, Bhutan’s lush green landscape was only opened up to tourists in the 1970’s, and it prides itself on environmental conservation. Gaytan shares, “Bhutan famously does not have any traffic lights and promotes a lifestyle of peaceful harmony, making it the perfect place to reset and unwind after the stressful times created by the pandemic.”


Georgia, situated between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, has emerged as one of the places least affected by the pandemic. Georgia is predicted to be one of the most popular travel destinations in the post-pandemic world. According to Gaytan, “It is a place that has retained its natural beauty through the centuries and also through the pandemic.” There are countless snowy mountain peaks to explore, and Georgia is considered to be one of the greatest skiing destinations in the world. 


Iceland has always been a place of scenic beauty, but in the post-pandemic world, it promises to be a haven of serenity. The Icelandic tourist board has already begun to prepare for the return of travelers who have flocked to the picturesque country for years to enjoy its hot springs and glacial landscapes. “Following the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, Iceland’s peaceful vistas could prove to be a rejuvenating tonic,” elaborates Gaytan.

The Maldives

The Maldives is a nation of islands in the Indian Ocean that offers tranquil white-sand beaches and year-round balmy temperatures. This tropical paradise is also the only holiday destination that has leaned into the restrictions that the pandemic has created. Resorts within The Maldives have created ‘Quarantine Packages,’ which offer travelers their own secluded island utopia. “Isolating on a tropical island with beautiful views and everything at your fingertips may prove to be the future of tourism in the post-pandemic world,” says the globetrotting entrepreneur.

The Lake District

The unpredictability of the pandemic has left people pining for a simpler time. The Lake District is a lush region in Cumbria in northwest England, praised for its peaceful lakes and rugged mountains. “The Lake District is famous for being the place where Jane Austen would send her literary characters to rest and recuperate. With countless cozy Bed and Breakfasts nestled between lakes and walking trails, it is the perfect post-pandemic getaway,” concludes Gaytan.

Though the world of holiday making feels far from reach in these current tumultuous times, there are many stunning destinations that deserve to be explored in the post-pandemic world. 

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