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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Gaining Popularity through his YouTube channel ‘Tapwater’ – Matthew Rodriguez

Specializing in engaging Roblox videos, he has struck the right chord with young game enthusiasts.

Social media has opened up a plethora of opportunities for many who have plunged into it and made a mark like Matthew Rodriguez who is popular for his Roblox videos on YouTube. “The kind of positivity I spread through my videos gives me immense satisfaction,” says the expert YouTuber who has garnered a humongous subscriber base on his channel, the majority of whom comprise of male audiences from the 8-14 age group coming in from the United States, Philippines and Canada. Seasoned YouTubers have always been a source of inspiration for many and Matthew was spared neither, as right from the age of 10 he was drawn towards this sphere, which he found interesting. At 13, he started toying with the idea of jumping into this space as a full time professional, though it was not an easy job, trying to concentrate on studies and run a parallel career as a YouTuber simultaneously. What followed was choosing his way out by quitting his studies to focus full time on creating YouTube videos.

There was a strong push to enter this zone getting inspiration from names like FaZe clan and RiceGum which worked positively for him that resulted in the creation of his YouTube channel ‘Tapwater’, the subscriber base of which zoomed from ‘0’ to 100,000 within 6 months, quite an impressive feat for someone who had just entered this competitive space. Today, having a set of experts who handle the nitty-gritty’s associated with creation of videos comes as a boon as during his Initial days looking after the entire show on his own took a toll which fortunately is not the case today. Matthew says he wants to spread his wings further by entering into unknown territories like launching his own merchandise and Roblox games where he can play his own videos as well as allow players to be a part of the game.

Till date, he has churned out more than 250 videos with his favorite where he breaks into a god tribe base and steals their loot. The other one which is close to his heart is the one where he is at logger heads with a fellow streamer and eventually ends up being friendly with him, even creating videos together, the one which has been loved by many of his subscribers. Creating YouTube videos is a task which requires utmost precision and dedication, as one cannot conquer the realm without presenting proper and engaging content. The popular YouTuber has collaborated with many celebrities like TanqR, Rektway, Rainway and ProjectSupreme, while he regards ZacharyZaxor as his mentor as he has been a part of his success journey, teaching him the tricks of the trade.

Catch up with his YouTube channel here, and also follow his Instagram for regular updates.

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