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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Dave Panozzo marching ahead leaving behind the hardships that tried to stop him

Dave and his wife Kim built up a “Panozzo Team” to start a new agent ship business based on real estate.

Proudly enough Dave Panozzo is leading a team for a targeted audience situated at Scottsdale Arizona areas. They are helping the metro people take up any decision related to real estate. Dave is very much focused to bring on new improvements in all the team members to improve their own personal selves and sales by giving them business coaching every week. They are always of the opinion to keep the clients on the top, no matter what the situation is. They believe in providing them with the best experience as far as possible.

In the upcoming months, ( March/April), Dave will be featured in the HGTV House Hunters and will be coming up with brand new episodes of the TV series American Dream TV. Also, we may even expect a Panozzo team mastermind event coming soon where, they will be giving incredible valuable information to other real estate agents to provide them a networking experience  that fosters relationship and also may lead to a new agent of the Panozzo team. He explains that branding is just not the way a team speaks of itself, but what the other people think about the company or the character. The team’s success is in having multiple positive customer reviews.

All of the above did not just come in his life at once. Dave had undergone many difficult times in his life, but he did stand trough it and therefore he is today in this place. From his life, we get the lesson that we may fall a hundred times, but we need to stand again and face the world. Their system and process makes the client experience hassle free and solution based. They are different from the others as they provided virtual consultations and listing appointments through zoom or FaceTime to ensure the health and safety of the team members as well as the clients during the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, we hope he will be surpassing his own record in the upcoming years and we wish him all the best for that.

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