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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Thanksgiving Day was Canada’s first national holiday

Thanksgiving Day

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to running things, the Canadian parliamentary system has four major parties competing for prime minister’s office: the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democratic Party, and Green Party.

The Republican and Democratic parties in the United States are still fighting for the presidency. But, in general, Canadians take more breaks at work, take longer holidays, and drink milk from bags.

Even the meals are different in Canada. Have you ever tried ketchup or flavored potato chips with everything on them? Poutine (crispy french fries topped in cheese curds and gravy) is a great option. The Commonwealth countries all celebrate Boxing Day on December 26.

This national holiday has several possible origins, but I believe it began in early 1800s England, during Queen Victoria’s reign.

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When a youngster from a wealthy family receives a new pair of shoes or a new toy, the child’s old shoes or toy would be re-boxed and given to the needy. In addition, some local Indian tribes shared their farming, fishing, and winter survival techniques with the suffering settlers.

The mortality toll eventually began to decline, while the European population in the New World began to rise. Thanks to the native people’s everyday practices, the land was inhabited and farmed, plentiful harvest.

With abundant crops harvested in the fall of 1621, it was suggested that a harvest festival be held, open to everybody, including the indigenous tribes. The idea stuck with me. As a result, Thanksgiving has become a significant holiday in the United States.

Since then, the Canadian Thanksgiving has taken on a variety of identities, including commemorating the prince of Wales’ recovery from a near-death illness in April 1872. However, did you know that the first Canadian Thanksgiving occurred on November 11, 1620, decades before the first Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock?

According to records, the first Canadian Thanksgiving took place in 1578, when a British explorer named Martin Frobisher and his company ate a feast to thank God for granting them safe passage through the unexplored northern passage into what is now known as the Canadian Territory of Nunavut.

Source: Mail tribune

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