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Drakeo was stabbed to death at a Los Angeles music festival

Key Takeaways:

  • Drakeo the Ruler, a US rapper, died after being stabbed at a music festival in Los Angeles.
  • The 28-year-old Darrell Caldwell performed at the Once Upon a Time in LA festival on Saturday night.
  • On Sunday morning, his publicist confirmed his death to several US media outlets.

The artist was reportedly stabbed backstage around the time he was scheduled to perform. Los Angeles police are investigating, but no arrests have been made on Sunday morning.

Drakeo, the Ruler, had over 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners and collaborated with Canadian rapper Drake on Talk to Me. At around 20:40 local time on Saturday, paramedics responded to a stabbing call (04:40 GMT on Sunday). According to reports, the rapper was then taken to the hospital but died due to his injuries.

Live Nation, the festival’s promoter, confirmed an “altercation in the roadway backstage” at the event, which was also set to feature performances by rappers 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg.

Drakeo US Rapper; Image from The Indepebdent

“Out of concern for those involved or in consultation with local authorities, artists and organizers decided not to proceed with remaining sets, so the festival was called off an hour early,” the statement said.

Snoop Dogg said on Twitter that he was “in my dressing room when I was informed about the incident or chose to leave the festival grounds immediately.”

“My heartfelt condolences go out to Draeko the Ruler’s family and loved ones,” he said. “I’m praying for hip-hop peace.” “Your energy always lifted my spirits. Drakeo, rest in peace. “On Sunday morning, Drake posted a message on his Instagram stories.

Saweetie, a rapper, tweeted: “Drakeo was always extremely cool and respectful. Please keep his family in your reflections or prayers. Unfortunately, the Ruler has passed away.”

Jim Jones urged his peers to be cautious. “They understand who we are because of our celebrity, but we don’t know who they are because of our celebrity,” he wrote on Instagram.

“This year, it seems like we’ve lost a rapper every week. There was a time when we were protected in the community and regarded as superheroes. Not any longer.”

Source: CBC News

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Burnaby music program for children

Burnaby music program for children is looking for instruments once more

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Keithley, a punk rocker, city councillor, and Harmony For All organizer, has high hopes for Saturday’s instrument drop-off.
  • Burnaby councillor Joe Keithley issued a call for people to donate their old musical instruments two years ago.

The plan was to use them in Harmony For All, a new program that aims to give kids who can’t afford an instrument the opportunity to play one and take lessons.

The response was overwhelming. “We got 170,” Keithley said. “I was expecting 20 also 30 or 40 people, and we were completely overwhelmed.” In addition, there was a line of people attempting to give away items.

“It’s as if people went into their closets and thought, ‘I haven’t played this in years, and if a kid can play it, that’s great.'” Unfortunately, the program never got off the ground.

“We tried to run the tool program through the academies,” he says, “but the schools were overwhelmed with COVID.”

Burnaby music program; Image from MSN News

“About a month back, I got this put into the civic allocation and approved as a city-run program.” That’s great because it means it’s going to happen regardless.” Keithley and Burnaby firefighters will be collecting more instruments in the parking lot of Burnaby City Hall, 4949 Canada Way, this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“The only thing we don’t accept are upright pianos,” he explained. “But nobody’s dragging that with them anyway.”

“We probably got 60-70 guitars,” he estimated. “Approximately 15-20 electronic keyboards.” There are saxophones, trumpets, and clarinets. We even received drum sets. “There was a Scottish family up the block from where I grew up on Burnaby Mountain,” he joked. “They had their daughter studying bagpipes.” When she practiced, they made her do it on the back porch, so the neighbors had to hear it, not them.”

Some of the instruments are being refurbished, while others are being stored in preparation for use at the Shadbolt Centre. Where the program will start in a few months. The program will be implemented in Burnaby schools starting in September of next year.

Keithley is best known outside Burnaby as the singer/guitarist for punk rock legends DOA. He turned 65 this year, but he’s still touring when he’s not working for Burnaby council.

Source: vancouversun News

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Les Emmerson, died

Les Emmerson, co-writer of the Five Man Electrical Band, died at 77

Key Takeaways:

  • Singer-songwriter Les Emmerson, whose anti-establishment anthem Signs became a staple of 1970s rock radio, died at the age of 77 after being infected COVID-19.
  • According to his wife, Monik Emmerson, the Five Man Electrical Band leader contracted COVID-19 last month and died Friday at a local hospital.

She stated that her husband had been vaccinated twice but had underlying health issues. “Up until the very end, music was his life,” she added. “He breathed and lived music.”

According to his friends, Emmerson’s use of his musical talents evolved. After chasing popularity in his youth, he discovered greater rewards later in life by using Signs’ popularity to support important causes, such as children’s hospitals and climate change awareness.

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Emmerson’s musical career began in 1965 when he joined the Staccatos following the departure of their guitarist. The band had a few Canadian pop-rock hits, including the dreamy “Small Town Girl” and the melodic “Half Past Midnight,” but they never achieved the level of success that their record label desired.

Les Emmerson, singer; image from Yahoo

It wasn’t without effort. Coca-Cola enlisted the band in 1968 to split an album called “A Wild Pair” with hopeful young Winnipeggers The Guess Who. It was mailed for free to any customer who provided sufficient proof of purchase and paid for shipping.

The Staccatos eventually changed their name as they focused more on rock elements in the hopes of breaking out in the United States.

Signs would be the song that eventually crossed the border, though it took some time for listeners to fall in love with it. Initially released in 1970 like a B-side to another single, it was deemed too long for four-minute radio stations.

The shorter three-minute version, cut down to remove two guitar solos, was picked up by influential Windsor, Ont., station CKLW-AM and put into rotation during the summer of 1971. It was broadcast over the airwaves to Detroit listeners, who reacted angrily.

“Suddenly it broke in Seattle or that area, and it just kept spreading,” the band’s keyboardist Ted Gerow recalled.

Signs eventually peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard singles chart, selling over 1.5 million copies.

In the years since, Emmerson has released several solo singles and has reformed with some of his former bandmates to perform annual fundraisers for CHEO, Ottawa’s pediatric children’s hospital.

Source: CBC News

NACC presents the live concert series Music

The NACC presents the live concert series music from the Edges of Canada

Key Takeaways:

  • The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre (NACC) presents Music from the Edges of Canada, its first live concert series in months.
  • The live concert series kicks off this Friday, December 10th, at 7:30 pm.

Music From Canada’s Edges is a national initiative that features 22 artists in 11 live and virtual concerts in four theatres across the country. Unlike the rest of Canada, the Yellowknife concert series will be recorded and aired in February and March 2022.

In October, Carmen Braden takes the stage first at the NACC theatre, having just released her new CD, Seed Songs. Braden’s music is expansive, with tunes and lyrics that feel familiar and familiar even though the music is unique. Carmen spoke with CKLB about her creative process during the pandemic.

live concert series Music presents by NACC; Image from ProBuslnc

Following Carmen on the bill for Friday night is Wesley Hardisty, a Dehcho fiddling prodigy. Hardisty is from Fort Simpson and has so far released two original albums. He has toured extensively throughout Canada and is a regular performer at venues throughout the north.

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Andrea Bettger and Digawolf will perform on Saturday, December 11th, at 7:30 pm.

Andrea Bettger, a multi-talented performer, kicks off Saturday’s live performance. Andrea is active in the northern fiddling scene and has successfully incorporated her love of jazz, classical, and bluegrass styles into her musical performances.

Following Bettger, Tlicho musician Diga and his band Digawolf released eight studio albums in Tlicho and English. The band’s love of music from various genres is evident in their music. You won’t be disappointed with a lineup like these four fantastic musicians and their bands! Contact the NACC theatre for tickets to these performances.

Source: cklbradio

Justin Bieber's songs

Justin Bieber’s songs will be among the most popular on YouTube in 2021

Key Takeaways:

  • Top trending music videos on YouTube in 2021 include music by The Weeknd and Justin Bieber and a video challenge in which one man is buried alive for 50 hours.
  • The online video platform offers its most hot videos every year.

“We found this year that the diversity of the types of entertainment people was searching out went even further than previous years,” said YouTube trends specialist Maddy Buxton.

“There is traditional mainstream content on our top trending videos list everything from The Weeknd’s Super Bowl half-time program to an America’s Got Talent audition and then there is content that we consider to be the new mainstream.”

These are videos from well-known creators and one trend that began in 2020 and continued into 2021 was. That audiences were flocking to YouTube in search of videos that provided a sense of connection.”

MrBeast, I spent 50 hours buried alive is the top trending video on YouTube in Canada. In which the video originator is put to the test or buried underground for 50 hours.

most popular song on YouTube in 2021
most popular song on YouTube in 2021; Image from Global news

“I think audiences tuned in because they wanted to see how this challenge would turn out,” said Buxton. “I think this video’s success speaks to Mr. Beast’s success and his ability to grow a huge and loyal audience.”

  1. I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive; MrBeast
  2. Mark Rober, Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)
  3. Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters; Dream
  5. NFL, The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show
  6. James with The Late Late Show with, An Afternoon with James Corden & Prince Harry
  7.  Golden Buzzer, America’s Got Talent: Nightbirde’s Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional
  8. Forge Labs, Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft… Here’s What Happened
  9. Dude Perfect, Game Night Stereotypes
  10. SAD-ist, Hog Hunt | Dream SMP Animation

2 Canadian artists topped YouTube’s top music videos in Canada: The Weeknd also his song Save Your Tears or Justin Bieber’s Peaches, respectively.

Source: Global News

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Kenny G

Music critics make fun of ‘Safe sax’ by Kenny G

Key Takeaways:

  • Kenny G would be at the top of their list if the Jazz Police started conducting midnight raids on musicians who offended them.

The 65-year-old saxophonist has been dubbed the best-selling instrumentalist of all time, with his songs providing the aural backdrop to so many weddings, shopping malls, and dental office visits that one music critic described him as “part of the musical furniture of American culture.”

The Jazz Police, self-appointed enforcers of jazz purity, have referred to Kenny G’s music as “safe sax” and compared it to takeout Chinese food “an hour later you’re hungry again”. On the other hand, Pat Metheny, a jazz guitarist, has called Kenny G’s style “lame-ass, jive, pseudo bluesy out-of-tune noodling.”

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However, a new documentary film by Penny Lane may cause some of Kenny G’s detractors to reconsider. “Listening to Kenny G,” which debuted this week on HBO Max, provides unexpected glimpses into the songs and private life of the skinny, White guy who became the face and hair of smooth jazz.

Kenny G Music Artist; Image from Wisc News

The film implies that Kenny G, who has just released his first album in six years, is underappreciated and a groundbreaking artist who strives for perfection and innovation in his unique way.

Outside of music, the documentary raises more significant questions. For example, it delves into racial prejudice and the art vs. commerce debate, as well as some parts on what it takes to be successful in any field. ON THE OTHER HAND, Kenny G’s dedication to his craft is unlikely to impress his opposition.

His music has been described as bland and soporific, like an Ambien aural hit. Nevertheless, it has inspired numerous Internet memes, and shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and “South Park” have parodied his “Snooze Jazz.”

When jazz critics are asked to evaluate Kenny G’s music, some of the funniest scenes in the documentary occur. So many squirms like toddlers at the dentist, with apprehensive expressions on their faces as Kenny G, hits as “Songbird” plays in the background.

When a well-known jazz and pop music critic, Ben Ratliff, was asked what he thought of Kenny G’s music, he struggled to opinion.

Source: CNN News

the National Music Centre's 5th anniversary

A virtual gala will celebrate the National Music Centre’s 5th anniversary

Key Takeaways:

  • At 7 p.m., the free program will go live on the NMC website, as well as the NMC’s Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube channels.

Who’s up for a sweatpant gala?

You’ll have the chance to do so on Friday night when the National Music Centre will Livestream Niisito, a celebration of music’s ability to bridge divides between diverse communities in Canada.

“We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary with a virtual gala called Niisito, which is the word ‘five’ in Blackfoot so it’s a commemoration and recognition of where we live, which is in the Blackfoot territory,” said NMC President and CEO Andrew Mosker.

The event will be hosted by Andrew Phung of Kim’s Convenience fame. It will feature a musical lineup led by Tom Cochrane, Northern Cree, Karimah, the Alberta All-Star Jazz Orchestra, and Kevin Chen, a 16-year-old classical piano prodigy.

 National Music Centre President and CEO Andrew Mosker
National Music Centre President and CEO Andrew Mosker

NMC supporters are encouraged to music in to the virtual fundraising event at 7:00 p.m. MT and donate to NMC’s future at

Supporters can also join in an online auction at, where they can bid on items such as passes to the 2022 Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas, as well as music and sports memorabilia, original artwork, jewelry, and more.

The last month of 2021 has arrived, and there are plenty of things to do in Calgary this December to make the most of the remaining months. In YYC, there are numerous Christmas events and holiday markets and live music, theatre, and art exhibits, among other things.

Whether you want to get out or about, attend a live event, stay warm at home, or see a virtual show from the comfort of your couch, our December events round-up offer something for everyone.

Mosker announced that the NMC would host Country Music Week once more when the Canadian Country Music Awards return to Calgary.

Source: CTV News

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top 10 most viewed music videos on YouTube in Canada

The weekend top 10 most viewed music videos on YouTube in Canada for 2021

Key Takeaways:

  • 2021 was The Weeknd and Justin Bieber’s year, with both superstars releasing chart-topping hits that topped YouTube’s list of most-watched music videos in Canada.
  • Video for “Save Your Tears” was the most viewed video, with Bieber’s “Peaches” coming in second.

Lil Nas X, Olivia Rodrigo, or Doja Cat were also among the artists with the most popular music videos in Canada this year:

  1. TheWeekndVEVO, The Weeknd: Save Your Tears (Official Music Video)
  2. JustinBieberVEVO, Justin Bieber: Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon
  3. LilNasXVEVO, Lil Nas X: MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video)
  4. HYBE LABELS, BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Butter’ Official MV
  5. dojacatVEVO, Doja Cat: Kiss Me More (Official Video) ft. SZA
  6. PoloGVEVO, Polo G: RAPSTAR (Official Video)
  7. OliviaRodrigoVEVO, Olivia Rodrigo: drivers license (Official Video)
  8. OliviaRodrigoVEVO, Olivia Rodrigo: good 4 u (Official Video)
  9. Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak, Bruno Mars, Silk Sonic: Leave the Door Open [Official Video]
  10. Pooh Shiesty, Pooh Shiesty: Back In Blood (feat. Lil Durk) [Official Music Video]

In addition to watching music videos, Canadians used YouTube in 2021 to stay informed, learn new skills, and have fun. MrBeast, who spent fifty hours buried underground in a glass coffin, was among this year’s Top Trending Videos in Canada.

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In addition, this year’s Top Canadian Creators, Top Breakout Creators, and Top Canadian Shorts Creators demonstrate the incredible ways in which Canadians adjusted their content to help others during this difficult time. 

Jeenie and Kallmekris.

Weenie made people laugh, while MadFit kept them entertained throughout the pandemic.

NileRed, the creator of the shorts, performed bizarre chemistry experiments, and magician Chris Ramsay taught subscribers how to perform magic tricks at home.

Top Canadian Creators

  1. Kallmekris
  2. Linus Tech Tips
  3. MadFit
  4. aCookieGod
  5. NileRed

Canadian Shorts Creators – Rising Stars

  1. Jeenie.Weenie
  2. Chris Ramsay
  3. NileRed Shorts
  4. Luke Davidson
  5. MrFudgeMonkeyz

Top Canadian Breakout Creators

  1. Kallmekris
  2. aCookieGod
  3. Girl With The Dogs
  4. ENGLISH with James · engVid
  5. Jason Fung

Source: ETC Canada

Best new holiday music in 2021

Best new holiday music in 2021: Molly Johnson, Tyler Shaw, and others

Key Takeaways:

  • Over 20 artists contributed originals and covers, including PIQSIQ, Tenille Townes, and Kelly Clarkson.
  • The sudden onslaught of nonstop holiday music is either a never-ending nightmare or a delightful dream come true, depending on where you fall on the Grinch Heart Spectrum pea-sized to three-sized.

But there’s good news for both extremes, and everyone in-between: 2021 will be a fantastic year for new holiday songs. Begin with great originals by megastars (Tenille Townes, Kelly Clarkson, and Chris Stapleton), exciting indie artists (PIQSIQ, Wrabel, and Hiss Golden Messenger), and talented new voices (Ellen Doty and Taylor, Maya and Ben).

Return to seasonal favorites like gorgeous instrumentals (Chilly Gonzales, Alexandra Stréliski), sentimental heartbreakers (Terra Lightfoot, Elle King), and childhood favorites (Tom Wilson and the Art of Time Ensemble).

Or host your dance party with a delightful remake of Madonna’s “Holiday,” a winter remake of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” titled what else “December,” or the 40th anniversary Cut Chemist Remix of Blondie’s “Yuletide Throwdown” featuring Fab Five Freddy.

Song: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

Artist: Ria Mae

Ria Mae gives Darlene Love’s iconic Christmas staple a shimmery, electro-pop makeover, one of the country’s most unique voices.

Song: “Don’t You Know it’s Christmas.”

Artist: Molly Johnson

Few people spread joy like Molly Johnson, and this upbeat R&B single is an overwhelming party starter with multigenerational interest. 

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Song: “Glow”

Artist: Kelly Clarkson featuring Chris Stapleton

When Kelly Clarkson published her new holiday album a few months ago, everyone was all around her winking post-divorce anthem, “Christmas isn’t Canceled (But You Are).” 

Song: “Holiday”

Artist: She & Him

She & Him’s laid-back, funk-and-groove take on the Madonna classic is a perfect pop of wonder for the holiday playlist.

Song: “Calling You Home for the Holidays”

Artist: Catherine MacLellan

This exciting and heartening folk-pop beauty hits another hard as many faces a second pandemic holiday. If that’s your position in 2021, Catherine MacLellan’s original strength is the perfect song to kick off a long-distance listening party with the ones you love and dream together of what next year might look like. 

Source: CBC News

band's NFT album

Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace release his band’s NFT album

Key Takeaways;

  • Raine Maida swears he’s not trying to be an “overprotective dad,” but he’s extra protective when it comes to his son’s music career.

The Our Lady Peace frontman says he’s nearing the end of work on Rowan, his 17-year-old son with wife and singer Chantal Kreviazuk, and hopes to have it finished by Christmas. However, he advises the young singer not to rush into releasing his work, which he describes as “(Frank) Sinatra meets Frank Ocean.”

“You can’t get into the business at a young age,” Maida said recently.

“You only get one shot at that purity, and the further you can ride it, the better off you will be in the long run. But, unfortunately, it’s difficult to recover from if it’s disrupted or infected early on.”

When Maida was a student at the University of Toronto, he was a band member that became Our Lady Peace. They went on to become one of Canada’s most successful alt-rock acts of the 1990s and 2000s, with singles such as “Innocent,” “Is Anyone Home?” and “Superman’s Dead.”

Since then, listeners’ music consumption habits have changed dramatically, with physical album sales plummeting and music streaming services paying a fraction of a cent per play.

“The music industry is volatile right now,” Maida said. “I just want him to be an artist for as long as he can because it changes completely once you put yourself out there, especially for young kids with TikTok and social media.”

When it comes to the most recent technological advancements, Maida is far from a Luddite. His band is releasing “Spiritual Machines II,” their first album in nearly four years, as a non-fungible token (NFT) more than a month ahead of its traditional release.

NFTs are based on the concept of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and allow creators to sell “one-of-a-kind” digital art or individually-numbered digital collectibles.

Maida, a consultant for blockchain music company Sing, stated that the album would be released on the company’s digital marketplace the week of December 13. The NFT version will include demos, remixes, personalized video messages, and a key to unlock additional content in the future.

Source: Airdrietoday News

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