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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Whitehorse restaurant owner tells anti-restriction protesters endangered her business


Key takeaways: 

  • ‘We feel frightened,’ tells Shannon Corrado, one of the proprietors of the Burnt Toast Cafe.
  • Over 60 individuals stood outside the Supreme Court of Yukon building on Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022, to demonstrate their support for public health care staffers.

Restaurant owners afraid of anti-restriction protestors: 

Whitehorse has seen remarkable protests against public health actions among multiple Canadian cities over the previous few weeks.

As the “Freedom Convoy” protests escalated in Ottawa, one Yukoner shared a different message.  Source –

Shannon Corrado is one of the proprietors of Burnt Toast Cafe, a diner located on 2nd Ave in Whitehorse.

On Saturday, Feb. 5, Corrado, her business associate Lee Willett, and three other pals stood on the streets of Whitehorse as a convoy of cars and trucks went through town. They held up posters fighting the protester’s message, with messages like “End The Convoy” and “Honk If Vaccines Work.” Source –

“We didn’t even indeed think of it as a counter-protest,” stated Corrado. “We just were upset regarding the status of discourse and just wanted to show our help for the individuals who are going to work every day and taking care of us every day. “It was never conveyed to be against anybody else.” Source –

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Restaurant owners of Whitehorse are afraid of anti-restrictions protest

Corrado stated the signs she and her friends were having instantly outraged individuals in convoy. 

“They were shouting and yelling at us,” she stated. Source –

The business members have got threats through Facebook Messenger and comments on Facebook posts throughout the week.

“We feel afraid,” stated Corrado. “We have somebody stating they’re going to come at us. They’re saying, ‘we’re going to come to get you,’ and they’re going to try to harm our business.” Source –

Corrado told the oral fights from Saturday, and the online messaging has been “off-putting” and nerve-wracking for servers at the diner. Source –

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