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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

“One-Size-Fits-All Approach Doesn’t Work In Business,” Says Ace Entrepreneur And Writer Ferrat Destine

Ferrat Destine chose unconventional roads for him to lead his business Impress Service LLC to where it stands today in the cleaning services industry.

What makes a brand or a business stand apart depends on how learned and experienced its team is and how courageous they are in taking the right kind of risks at the right time to make the right moves in their respective sectors. Varied businesses worldwide today have reached massive presence in their industries because they walk on unconventional roads and do not blindly follow the crowd by copying the tried-and-tested business methods and plans. Some incredible businesses carve their own unique niche and go ahead in creating a greater impact with what they offer through their products/services. Ferrat Destine emphasizes the same saying that businesses, to reach unique success, must choose unique ways to fulfil their pursuits of becoming the best in the industry.

Ferrat Destine’s business Impress Service LLC is business-based, he says, and he doesn’t see transitioning to a person-based brand in the future, he adds. He is more inclined towards being the former because it allows them to offer many advantages over a product or individual-based brand. A business-based brand can offer customers more trust and transparency, a feeling of being part of a community, and can create a more sustainable business model. All these advantages leads to a more loyal customer base and more sales for the business.

As an entrepreneur, through his journey, Ferrat Destine highlights that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to starting and running a business. People need customized solutions or products/services for their individual needs and demands. Hence, with Impress Service LLC, he makes sure to serve people with a white-glove approach, offering services like residential and commercial cleaning, including but not limited to house cleaning, rental/AirBnb cleaning, organizing, office cleaning, and post-construction cleaning services, while targeting retail stores, salons, medical offices, restaurants, design studios, gyms, government facilities, banks, showrooms, light Industrial and more.

Ferrat Destine says that budding entrepreneurs must understand that when starting a business, it is always essential to keep a learning mindset, be it for improving the product or finding ways to market the business. People should always be on the lookout for new information to continue growing and building something that stands unique from the rest.

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